Author Topic: An observation  (Read 2359 times)

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An observation
« on: Friday, November 02 2012, 10:32:54 CET »
Hi guys.
Recently ive got a little better LOL.I have noticed though when its a 3v3 or 4v4,my game runs dead smooth and i can actually hit things,for instance the other day i got  css a few times in a row and he was like wtf  (:spam: ftw) .
I guess i have suprised a few people lol.Over that amount of players though, my game gets choppy,my flak will misfire etc.It happened before anti tcc so thats not the cause of it.
I remeber kirty saying tick was set at 50?.I think that is a little high for the amount of slots you have. That high is good for a 1v1 server say but not as good for a 14 slot.
Just an observation,ill be quiet now :)
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Re: An observation
« Reply #1 on: Friday, November 02 2012, 17:10:33 CET »
Thank you Mr D for your Input. This issue has yet not been solved, we believe (at least CSS and me I guess) that our hosts server hardware is the bottleneck.
As soon as I get a static ip option from my isp I will setup a test server with good hardware without virtual machine stuff.

Until then, kick ass Tweeka! :)