Author Topic: Kirtap in Killing Floor 2 !  (Read 2338 times)

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Kirtap in Killing Floor 2 !
« on: Saturday, May 10 2014, 22:12:01 CEST »
Hey Kirtap ! It's time to get your stock of bubble gums and to put on your boots, coz you'll soon have to defend your city ! I present you Killing Floor 2 !  [21]

What is Killing Floor ? here's a quote :

"Killing Floor is a simple game," says Munk. "You have weapons. You see something that looks messed up. And you kill it. You get money for doing it and you buy better weapons. Rinse and repeat. The more enjoyable that small little loop is, the more successful the game is."

I can add, on vanilla game you can team-up with up with 5 other soldiers, you have to choose through 6 perks (there's no limitation; e.g : everyone can be "demolition") and teamplay is essential ! (healing, repairing mate's armor, wielding door, giving a weapons or leaving cash/weap/ammo laying on the floor to another player...). And even if it appears to be a mindless fps, tactic is needed all the time : where to camp or taking the decison to leave that place, helping this mate and dying too ? Do i buy a weap right now or do i save money for a better one...If I survive next wave ? ...  :ut19: :ut18:

I had a lot of fun thanks to bullet times, intensive violence and gore, a good weapon feeling, quick and pitiless death, rock music (i had great moments when putting my own music, like "Spitfire" from Prodigy to give me more epic fragging sequences, when spamming AA12,  ect...)  :ut10:
 Death can be also funny, for e.g : so many times i saw my mate running with knife in hands to go faster, toward you, quivering with fear coz he know he'll be raped in insta-kill from the back by the faster running "barback" (the deadliest and longest to kill monster.)
Or the demolition specialist setting pipebombs too close from a monster and BoOoM !

I'm still playing it, but only on modded servers (adding level 50cap, crazy abilities, more regular weapons or crazy one such as doom sentry bot, jedi saber, alien m4a1 rifle..., more monsters like doom bestiary, funnier maps, up to 32 players and +1000 zombie on a single wave, "roll the dice" feature ect...)
Otherwise, basic game can be quickly boring due to lack of features and i would have given up for a long time.

Here's a vid I've found of that special server on which I'm playing :

Basically KF isn't that spammy...
Here everyone stand in middle of the map so I assume it's a very old vid coz now It's "hell of earth" diff and u simply can't play like that...And there's no new weap or monster but still, the end is so funny  [23]

Still, it can be a frantic game based on reflex, especially when monsters outnumber you.

About the sequel, they want it to be more realistic on weapon feeling with an advanced gore system, crazier...

I also expect some comic speech as it was in KF1, but this time, I feel some little French "bashing" coming, as it'll take place in Paris, it wouldn't be surprising from a British developer :p

They promise it'll be better; nothing more logical.(Graphisms aren't exceptional though.)
But we all have in mind (too) many series fk up by their sequels, due to the "call of"...Money :p But as it's a little developer, we can still put hope in it, especially if they have fixed the drawnback of KF1 (I know noone around me playing that game, coz it's kinda special and a little hardcore gaming).

Well if it's rox, I hope we could met on that game !

Do you also have expectation for that game ? Do my post was totally useless as it's an unreal forum ? ;D
I can make a link to unreal, as it was at 1st an ut2004 mods, and as many others, It became a stand-alone.(in 2009)

So Kirtap, will you have guts enough to come in help to some poor little froggies hanging on in despear on the top of Eiffel Tower ?  :D

P.S : Are in Tripwire team the author(s) of that mod ?
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Re: Kirtap in Killing Floor 2 !
« Reply #1 on: Sunday, May 11 2014, 21:54:54 CEST »
Hell yeah, I remember KF as a mod of UT...I only tried it once :/

Maybe I'll come to protect Paris once when KF2 will be released ;)

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Re: Kirtap in Killing Floor 2 !
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday, September 11 2018, 09:55:11 CEST »
It is good that we have come to discuss these interesting stories.