Author Topic: UT2004 10th anniversary nw-CTF CUP starting October 2014  (Read 1760 times)

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UT2004 10th anniversary nw-CTF CUP starting October 2014
« on: Sunday, September 07 2014, 12:25:03 CEST »
Hello all,

I write you to let you know that this October 2014 we are going to run a new NW-ctf cup with money prizes, a very special cup in honor of the 10th anniversary of UT2004.

I know, most of you are retired now or do not play new weapons CTF. But hey, why not say goodbye or hello to the game mode with a damn rocket launcher in your hands hu?

That I know, there has not been yet a UT2004 NW-CTF cup featuring money prizes. We got 400 euros already in the pot, and this alone from players' donations during this last week. We plan now that we have a forum, a website and a promo video, to contact sponsors.

In other words, this cup is gonna be awesome and I'd love it if you were part of it somehow.

There are many things to be done.

For one, you could be a player since this cup is not a clan cup but a so called draft cup. I explain: a draft cup basically is a mix between all kind of players from different skills. The idea is to be able to mix up players from different communities, pings and levels in order to, more or less, balance the teams this way. Avoiding the usual pro formations, for one.

If you would like to SIGN UP, you only need to do it on the cup page:

You will see there a massive "Sign up" button, clicking on it will redirect you to the cup Forum:

In there we only ask for you to post a "qualification form", you will see a sample that you only need to copy paste. We need this in order to be able to rate each player, for later on, create balanced teams through the captain system.

If you do not feel like playing but you would still like to be "on" it, why don't you help us with COVERAGE? We look for people who could stream matches, shoutcast or write reports and interviews; or simply just people who would like to post in the forum :)

If you are not the ego-star kinda guy, you could just tell your old mates or whoever is around you that we are running this cup. We could use some SPAMMING and some AVERTISING :) Spam binds are most welcome; IRC, ClanbaseRadio, XFIRE, SKYPE, Forums or yelling in the street in you remote country. Why not.

If all those options are still too much work for you, well you know the simplest thing of all: DONATE some money for a good cause here. Not only starving children need money, we are all starving to make a unique cup.

For fun and laughter! For the good old times!

I hope I'll see you soon again. Back in black.


P.S: You guys got lots of emoticons. I feel like being on an emoticon rave.

We made a lil promo video for the cup: here you go: