=F.F.M= UT2k4 Server rules

Welcome to the =F.F.M=TAM server, everybody is very welcome to play here provided you abide by our rules which are as follows:

1. Please speak ENGLISH only, this way everybody can understand each other.
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2. Please keep all chat decent and civilized, NO SWEARING or general rude behaviour will be tolerated here.
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3. NO NICKLAMING, please choose a nickname and stick to it.
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4. Do not use this server for advertising, recruitment or any other kind of spam.
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5. Do not spam or abuse the Zound mutator. Players are limited to 10 Zound triggers per game.
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6. Be a good sport, remember everybody was a noob to start with.
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7. Have Fun!

The servers are provided and paid for by the =F.F.M=Clan, so these are our rules and we hope you'll stick to them.
If you feel you have been treated unfairly on this server, feel free to mail our admin. ( admin@ffm-clan.com )
Or visit our forum at www.ffm-clan.com to air your views.

Kind regards,

=F.F.M= Clan