About =F.F.M=

The =F.F.M=Clan was formed in the summer of 2005 to carry on the fun the founders had in another clan, which unfortunately kind of crumbled apart.

With good spirit and fond memories of all the good times they had, they founded =F.F.M=, the Fun Fragging Maniacs.

Since then a lot of people have joined and some have left. What always stayed was the intention to provide a nice server that holds the experience and enjoyment of the game over skills and winning
...which ofcourse doesn't mean we don't have any good players ;)

Please feel free to stop by our server and join in with the fun!


PS, To make sure the fun times stay, we have our server rules
We're strict, but fair. If you feel like you've been mistreated on our server please post on the forum or mail our admin.