Pick 1 nick and make it stick...

We like to get to know our visitors and know who we are dealing with.

In order for this to be possible, we require everyone to stick to one (good) nickname.

Considered nicklaming:
- Changing nicknames all the time
- Using foul language in your name
- Using any form of racism in your name
- Using non-pronouncable nicknames, like smileys
- Using names like admin, webadmin or using a clantag without permission

Permitted, but not encouraged:
- Using suffixes or prefixes, like .mp3 / .sad / .clanless etc

- Changing or leaving out, or adding clantags

As long as the root of your nickname remains the same, we're ok with it.

Want to change anyways, or are more people using the same gamekey?
Just let us know and we'll make a note in our database.

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